The Plan

We plan to incite large-scale reforms to the systems of parole and probation at the federal and state levels. We believe that parole and probation reform will lead to a significant decrease in recidivism rates and prison populations across the nation. Furthermore, we believe that by illustrating the sometimes tragic and cyclical stories of persons affected by probation and parole we can began to dismantle the bureaucracy around the justice system that fails to maintain or improve public well-being.


The Know Your Rights Guide was created for incarcerated individuals, those directly impacted by incarceration, and the general public. It is a resource that provides valuable information regarding parole, probation, community supervision, and the different types of supervision and mandatory procedures those under supervision must follow. The rights of incarcerated people and persons reentering society are also covered.

The Guide consists of six sections: a glossary of terms which provides sufficient explanations beyond a simple definition of key terms used regularly in coordination with parole and probation. It also includes information on state parole; county-level supervision; federal supervision; information to know before agreeing to probation; and additional information on reentry and the duties of parole officers.


Early termination is a discharge from supervision granted by the Court or Parole Board, prior to the maximum date imposed, and based on the individual’s successful adjustment in the community. Grievance filing is when a complaint of alleged violations of policy and procedure or unsatisfactory conditions of confinement is brought up against  a probation or correctional officer, and other officials. PPAP provides assistance with the processes of early termination and grievance filing. 


Reentry programs and workshops for formerly incarcerated individuals can be very helpful for those that need a helping hand once released from prison. PPAP offers a variety of reentry workshops and resources to citizens re-entering society with the intent to reduce recidivism. These include resume writing, entrepreneurship & business basics, financial literally, assistance with societal integration, personal development and “Know Your Rights” workshops. 


Formerly incarcerated individuals can be overwhelmed with trying to find all the necessary tools they need for successful rentry. To assist with this process, PPAP has created a network of databases that consists of lawyers, housing and job opportunities, access to mentors to assist in social integration, writing and Literacy workshops, and emotional intelligence/management workshops.  

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